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Every idea for a new interior follows the same process. It starts with the idea of change, then often descends into a chaos of ideas and choice paralysis. That's where I can declutter your brain and get the process back on track, so that you can create the look and atmosphere that you wish for.

You are moving house or just want to change your interior. So you start looking at interior styles, getting some inspiration from Pinterest and asking friends/family. You work out a budget and start picturing your new surroundings ...

... and then inevitably chaos erupts. You end up with hundreds of paint samples, endless magazines and a million other choices. You have an idea of what you want but you just don't know how or where to start.

OPTION A | from €890

This is where I step in. I funnel the potential chaos by organising all of your ideas and wishes to create concepts that fits you and your space. At the end of this phase you will have a clear idea of how to move forward.

OPTION A+ | from €1490

The next phase typically becomes fragmented. The dining table gets chosen, then a few months later you get around to painting the walls, and then a few weeks after that you find a new couch that you love but it clashes with the dining table. 

Instead, I will help you to visualise your space and create a full plan for furniture, colours, materials, lighting and flooring that all works together and matches your wishes. At the end of this phase you will have a head-to-toe list of all the elements to create a beautiful balanced space.

Hand-drawn 2D Floorplan

Option A

from €890

intake meeting to understand your wants and needs, and understand the space that we are working with

create moodboard and two different floorplan layouts

meeting to discuss and refine the moodboard and layout

definitive hand-drawn layout (2D)


furniture inspiration

colour plan

material plan

Hand-drawn 3D Kitchen

Option A+

from €1490

hand-drawn 3D visualisation to help you to get a clearer image of how your space will look

create light plan to ensure that you have the right light in the right places to create the right atmosphere

advice on flooring and window styling

including curtains/blinds advice

complete shopping list


furniture list

colour + paint


3D Visualisation
3D Render


price on request

digital 3D visualisation + rendering

(example shown as above)

customised furniture (modelling + build)

advice on finishing touches

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